The Dirty (Hair) Secret—The Perfect Hairstyles Depending on Your Last Wash

Having 10 pounds of hair on my head has always been a big problem of mine. One might assume that being born with thick, wavy hair is a blessing, but let me assure you—it’s not all slow-mo hair-flipping and Pantene commercials. In reality, it’s more like waking up and hoping to goodness I have few enough knots to pass as a normal hairbrush-using human being (which I am not, so that’s probably a long shot).

We all know washing your mane everyday is a ridiculous notion. Not only is it bad for your hair, but washing, drying and styling it takes an unnecessary amount of time out of the day. Factor in the time it takes to decide on a style, and you’ve basically wasted an entire day. My solution? Don’t wash it! Ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense. Instead, here are a few reliable hairstyles to fall back on for when you finally accept that washing your hair every day of the week is just not realistic.


Day 1: Just washed your hair? This is the time to let it down. Flip it around, whip it back and forth and be free.


Day 2: Typically hair is still semi-acceptable the day after it’s washed, so a half-up, half-down style is your best bet. A few bobby pins and a little hairspray is all you need for a look that lasts all day.


Day 3: Day three hair is really never a great look, so a high bun on top of your head is your mid-week best friend. Throw it up in a ponytail and wrap it around a couple of times, then secure it with a couple of clips you have sitting around your dorm. Ten seconds later and you’re ready to go—no dry shampoo (or time) necessary.