The College Formula

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Acing midterms takes more than a hope and a prayer. (If only it was that easy!) Making the grade requires getting your self a proper study group, a copious supply of caffeine and clocking some serious hours at library. But the formula to success isn’t just about taking care of your outlines and never-ending checklists. During stressful times, it is equally important to take care of yourself!

Palmer’s new line of Coconut Oil Formula™ Body products is the perfect choice for treating yourself during midterms and beyond. In case you haven’t heard, coconut oil has long been regarded as one of nature’s super ingredients. (It’s hydrating, lightweight, rich in antioxidants—just to name a few.) Palmer’s harnesses all these amazing benefits into their Coconut Oil Formula™ line—which is completely free of parabens, sulfates, dyes and a whole of other nasty stuff.

Here is what we are digging from the Coconut Oil Formula™ line:

The Body Lotion deeply penetrates and provides an instant hydration boost. The decadent rich coconut scent seems to melt our stresses away.

The Body Cream has an indulgently creamy formula that gives us the at-home spa experience (which is needed after all those hours studying).

The Hand Cream is with us 24/7. This portable skin safer provides superior hydration to combat the cold weather and drying stale air of the library.

The Body Oil is a super lightweight , non-greasy dry oil while is the perfect way to moisturize after a long, relaxing shower.

Want to know our Style Gurus’ formula for success this midterm season? Read their advice on how to get midterm ready below!

5 “This semester I plan to succeed by using time management skills and a cute planner to stay organized.” – Allie Barke, DePaul University

3“I plan on succeeding this semester by working hard, staying organized, and making time for the things I love. It’s important to remember the value of time. With a strong work ethic and determination, you can accomplish anything.” – Meghan McAllister, DePaul University

7“This semester, I plan on writing down all my goals (big or small) and posting visual reminders of them on my bedroom walls and on my locker.” – Shelcy Joseph, Hunter College

8“To succeed this quarter, I plan to organize better, using tools that I feel fit me and make me happier to commit to work and organizing.” – Alyssa Hada, University of California Davis

2“I plan to succeed this semester by keeping my goals on track and continue to strive for the best! “ – Julia Daoud, DePaul University

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