3 Unexpected Ways Traveling in College Helps Your Future Career

College is a time of firsts. First time living alone, being away from home, and, for many, traveling independently. For more of us the majority of travel done up until this point has been on family vacations. Your parents coordinate everything—from the hotel to the flights to the itinerary—and most of the time all you have to do is show up and try not to argue with your siblings.

But with college comes some pretty spectacular opportunities to travel and study both abroad and within the United States. And while seeing the world and not having your pesky younger brother there sound equally enticing, you also now have to figure out all those “adult” things your parents took care of for you and you took for granted.

While this can be intimidating, traveling in college is actually a great way to prepare for your future career. Here’s exactly why you should seize these opportunities now:

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1—You get what you pay for. It’s no secret that traveling can cost quite a pretty penny, and college students sure can be turned off by the thought of having to spend a decent sum. But what many don’t realize is that these programs are set up for you to receive a bang for your buck. My abroad experience in Italy allowed to me to go, do, and see things that a typical tourist would not have access to and for a much lower price. Not anyone can buy a ticket to Première Vision, the largest fabrics trade show in the world. But because I traveled with my school I was granted a golden ticket and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.(Photo via @valeriecammack)

2—Now is the time. Because most programs are a semester long, traveling in college allows you to experience new cultures for long periods of time. After college, when will it be convenient for you to take four months off to travel around Europe? I’m guessing your new boss would be less than thrilled with that idea…

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3—It helps your resume. Having to think on your feet after your flight is canceled; navigating a foreign city; learning new cultures first-hand. While traveling not only gives you something interesting to talk about in an interview, the experience itself helps you gain skills that future employers value in applicants.

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