The 5 Best Campus Rep Programs to Apply to This School Year

The 5 Best Campus Rep Programs to Apply to This School Year

As we approach the end of hot girl summer, back-to-school season is right around the corner… or should we call it “working girl fall.” Ready or not, we are about to get back into our groove of late-night term papers, dorm-room hangouts, and early morning classes. As you continue to work hard to reach your goals and secure your dream job this semester, you may want to consider the great opportunity of college ambassador programs. Hundreds of brands are always looking for passionate, future CEOs to represent their brand to campuses everywhere. Here are five of the best programs to consider if you want to gain real-world experience and build your resume.

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Bumble Ambassador Program

Jump in the global “hive” of trendsetters and change-makers on the Bumble team. As a student ambassador, you will have the chance to host events on campus, get connected with professionals around the world, and grow professionally in a way like no other. 

As a campus media manager for Bumble, College Fashionista Writer Kyra Surgent promotes the brand’s mission and values with her unique, personal touch through her social media platforms and her campus at Syracuse University. 

“Working as a campus rep has given me insight into the sphere of social media marketing, content creation and partnerships, highlighting how passionate I am about this area of work,” said Surgent. “I have learned tangible skills regarding how to successfully convey a brand’s mission, while also staying true to my own voice and style. I am confident that my work as a representative for various brands has equipped me for the field I am hoping to pursue after graduation.”

Learn more about on-campus opportunities with Bumble here.

Wardrobe’s Campus Rep Program

Wardrobe, a sustainable luxury and archive vintage clothing rental service, is recruiting fashionistas nationwide to take part in their mission as student marketers on campus. Develop your social media, community building, and event planning skills as you strut in style in one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Margot Sudol, College Fashionista Writer and former Wardrobe Ambassador, was able to grow in her chosen career in fashion public relations and marketing through her experience in this position. 

“I personally loved it. I felt I was free to put my own personal spin on the requirements for social media posts, and I was truly passionate about the brands I was representing, which is definitely important,” said Sudol. “And most importantly, choose a brand that is authentic to your own interests and passions. Marketing is easy when you truly love what you’re promoting.”

Apply for the Fall ’21 semester here.

Prime Student Campus Ambassador Program

This is the perfect position for outgoing, energetic students who are looking to make some extra money during the school year. Gain skills in sales and marketing through social media and on-campus outreach on behalf of one of the biggest brands in the world. 

College Fashionista Community Member Kylie Wright is a Prime Student Campus Ambassador for Minnesota State University Mankato, where she plans campus events, works with social media to virtually connect with students, and promotes her personal discount code for the brand.  

“This is preparing me for future jobs in related social media marketing fields by showing me how to meet deadlines and by being free to create my own content for the brand,” said Wright. “If you’re interested in marketing, graphic design, or any other fields in social media, I recommend trying to get an ambassador program through your college.”

Learn more about becoming a Prime Student Campus Ambassador here.

Hype and Vice University Ambassador Program

As an HVU team member, you will be the eyes and ears of the up-and-coming lifestyle brand in your own community. Be the voice for your peers and share your insights into what is important to the people around you. Create content all while bonding with a company composed of passionate women.

“I absolutely love working with H&V – it’s so flexible and amazing being able to work with a brand that I love so much,” said former HVU Rep and College Fashionista Community Member, Maezie Ervin.

Read more about the Hype and Vice University Ambassador Program here.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Rep Program

On the PINK Campus Team, you will join a powerhouse squad of students from universities and community colleges around the country who all love the message the brand has to share. You will gain experience in marketing, mentorship and community building as you make moves on your campus.

“Overall, they were amazing experiences and I learned a lot about relationship building and gained marketing skills,” said Former PINK Rep and College Fashionista Community Member, Riva Neuman.

Learn more about opportunities with PINK here.

Along with her work with PINK, Neuman has participated in several other ambassador programs throughout her time as a college student. “Overall, for those who want to get involved with these programs, I recommend applying through these agencies and looking for programs you are passionate about,” she said. 

The secret to success: get involved on campus and emphasize your ability to reach your peers. Grow in your desired career and represent your favorite brands this school year by putting yourself out there and seizing these opportunities.

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