6 Insta-Worthy (and Affordable) Perfumes to Add to Your Vanity

March 13th, 2018 at 1:00pm

It’s no secret that everyone likes to smell good, but unfortunately, perfume can be costly—which can be a problem for some college students who are strapped for cash. However, I’ve got to admit that I’m pretty tired of rubbing perfume samples from magazines on myself, so I’ve found affordable products that will make you smell amazing without hurting your wallet in the process. Ready to wow everyone around you with your irresistible scent? Keep reading for the perfumes our community can’t get enough of.

PHOTO: @cassidiaah

If You’re Obsessed With Florals

Commodity Magnolia

Cost: $26 to $105

If you love the idea of smelling like a beautiful garden, then this scent is for you. Filled with notes of fresh sandalwood, sweet magnolia, brisk caramel, and musk, Commodity’s Magnolia is perfect for anyone searching for a soft flowery scent to cheer them up throughout the day.

Why We Love It:  “I love the subtle softness of this scent. It isn’t overwhelmingly floral because it has base notes of sandalwood. It’s an uplifting scent that I like to wear it out to brunch with friends and on days where I’m in need of a smile!” — Cassidy Clark, Savannah College of Art and Design class of 2020

PHOTO: @geowollner

If You Live For the Smell of the Sea

Gourmand Sel Océan Hair + Body Mist

Cost: $24

This scent will have you feeling all kinds of beachy vibes. With tones of honeysuckle and sea salt, it suits everyone out there who spends their days dreaming about the ocean.

Why We Love It: “I smelled this for the first time in San Diego, so it always reminds me of that trip. I’m very nostalgic so it brings me back to sunny days on the West Coast.” — Geordon Wollner, University of Wisconsin–Madison class of 2019

If You Need an Everyday Go-To

Maison Margiela ‘REPLICA’ Lazy Sunday Morning

Cost: $28 to $126

Fresh scents of lily, pear, white musk, and Indian patchouli oil make for an irresistible smell you’ll never tire of. If you’re on the hunt for an everyday perfume, this one is for you.

Why We Love It: “I love it for everyday wear because it’s super light and fresh!” – Briana Wilvert, University of Washington class of 2018

PHOTO: @thatchiclex

If You’re Looking for Something Light

Gourmand Fleur Monoï EDP Fragrance

Cost: $18

Brimming with Caribbean flavors, this perfume gives us relaxing vibes all day, every day. The essence of gardenia flowers and fresh coconut make it a must-have for any vacation.

Why We Love It: “I purchased this from Urban Outfitters a few years ago and have been obsessed with it ever since. It’s very fresh and clean and not overpowering. I definitely wear it more in the summer. It’s perfect for lounging around or wearing as an everyday scent!” — Alexis Kelly, Central Michigan University class of 2018

If You’re in Search of Something Versatile

Glossier You

Cost: $60

With base notes of musk and ambrette on top notes of pink pepper, this perfume was made to enhance your natural scent. It’s warm, clean, and creamy—pretty much everything we could ever want in a scent.

Why We Love It: “What I love about Glossier You is how versatile it is. You can wear it anytime, anywhere, and it smells like the best parts of your natural scent. It’s not overpowering in the least bit. I wear it casually to school and work or on a dressy night out. Tt’s so suitable for everyday wear!” — Laura Craffey, University of the Arts class of 2019

PHOTO: @itsdemib

If You Love Sweeter Scents

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Cost: $84

With hints of wild strawberry, violet petals, and jasmine, this is one of the sweetest smells out there. Plus, the cute flower bottle is a must-have for pretty much any vanity.

Why We Love It: “I love that it’s so light. Marc Jacobs really nailed it on this one. I wear it when I’m going somewhere more dressy and don’t want to smell too strong but still want a little kick. It’s the perfect sophisticated and classy yet young scent.” — Damisola Balogun, Purdue University class of 2018

What are your favorite perfumes? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured photo by @laura.craffey.


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