Sun-Kissed Glow

July 6th, 2017 at 2:00am

Are you looking for that summertime glow, but not looking to commit to the sun?  Sunless tanner may be the perfect solution for you!  This method allows you to get that sunkissed glow you want without the harmful sun rays ruining it.  Becoming a slave to sitting for hours in the sun or a tanning bed can not only be a waste of precious time but also can be detrimental to your health causing skin cancer. With sunless tanner products like the amazing Loving Tan, tanning just became fast, convenient, and so easy to achieve.

Loving Tan is the product I’ve been using for years now and is the only sunless tanner in my opinion that provides an all over, even color, that has a pleasant sunny smell and no orange undertones. This deluxe bronzing mousse, in the shade medium, brings me to my perfect shade right after I apply it.

Everyone has their own tanning routine and if you’re stuck on where to start there are tons of tutorials that can be found on Youtube. To start off this tanning process you first have to shower because the mousse works best on clean, shaven, and nicely exfoliated skin. To achieve this, I use exfoliating gloves that work perfectly to make my skin so silky smooth.  After I hop out of the shower, I start to apply my bronzing mousse with a self-tanning mitt to protect my hands from the product. I usually tan at night and sleep with the product on my body so when I wake up I can just wash it off and go about my day.  It’s that easy!

The tan usually lasts about four to five days until it gets spotty and then the rest of the tan can be exfoliated off and a fresh new tan can be applied.  A big tip for self-tanning is having another set of foundation/concealer for when you tan just to make sure your body and face match.

Sunless tanners always get a bad reputation for making people look “orange” or giving them a “chemical smell,” but with how amazing Loving Tan is, all the rumors get tossed aside.

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