The Next Trend to Try This Summer, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Next Trend to Try This Summer, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a horoscope app (or two) on your phone and you check it first thing every morning. Even if my horoscope isn’t 100% accurate, I constantly find myself comparing my daily actions to characteristics of my zodiac sign and saying things like “Oh, that was so Leo of me.” Lately, I’ve tried to channel my sign as I pick my outfit each day and tbh, it’s helped me create some of my best looks. If zodiac dressing is something you want to get into but aren’t quite sure how to start, look no further! Finding pieces that match the characteristics of your sign and incorporating them into your daily looks is a great place to begin. Whether you’re a boho Pisces, an elegant Virgo, or a polished and professional Capricorn there’s a trend that was written in the stars for you to wear this summer — keep reading to find out what yours is!

Gen-Z Yellow Pants

PHOTO: Leila Clairville, London College of Fashion

Aquarius: Sunshine Yellow

Gen-Z yellow may be the next millennial pink, but this sunny hue was practically made for Aquariuses. When it comes to style, you love to experiment and stand out, so stock up on pops of yellow this summer. Whether you choose a bright yellow dress or go for more subtle accessories, this fun color is the perfect way to show off your creative side.

Wrap Dress Summer Trend

PHOTO: Itzy Canales, UCSB

Pisces: Wrap Dresses

Every Pisces needs an easy, breezy dress to pair with their go-with-the-flow personality. The bohemian silhouette of a wrap dress is ideal for any occasion—from running errands to brunching with the squad—which is perfect for a free-spirited gal like you.

Dad Sneakers Summer Trend

PHOTO: Ybik Gaviria, University of Florida

Aries: Dad Sneakers

Who would’ve thought you’d find your go-to trend in your dad’s closet, Aries? As a lover of comfortable yet trendy pieces, chunky sneakers are the addition to your summer ‘fit needs. Go for a bold colorway to match your confident personality.

Puff Sleeve Trend

PHOTO: Ellie Kim, Fordham University

Taurus: Statement Sleeves

You’re all about functionality, Taurus, but you’ll never sacrifice style. This season, take your go-to blouse up a notch with statement sleeves. From puffed-sleeved blouses to ruffled tops, this trend will be your wardrobe MVP since it goes with literally everything. Trust me.

Vintage Sunglasses Trend

PHOTO: Morgan Daniel, SCAD

Gemini: Vintage Sunnies

Why stick to one signature style when you can try them all, right, Gemini? Vintage sunglasses will look great with everything in your closet—an impressive feat considering you’re always down to switch up your look. Grab a few different styles of frames, like a narrow cat eye pair, to switch up your ever-changing style.

Summer Suit Trend

PHOTO: Kai Li, National Chengchi University

Cancer: Summer Suiting

As the chicest sign in the game, you believe there’s no such thing as being overdressed, Cancer. You’re classy style depends on 9 to 5 essentials but summer is a great time to try a more relaxed take on your beloved blazer. Own the summer suiting trend by searching for pieces made of lightweight, patterned textiles like this summer-ready striped blazer. Bonus points if you pair your new jacket with matching shorts!

Rainbow Print Trend

PHOTO: Niha Chandar, NYU

Leo: Rainbow Prints

When it comes to fashion, Leo’s aren’t afraid to take risks. As a sign that loves to be the center of attention, try incorporating a vibrant rainbow print into your summer #ootd. From colorful stripes to pop-art inspired patterns this eye-catching trend is bound to land you on the Instagram explore page.

Lavender Jumpsuit

PHOTO: Sydney HelphenstineMarymount University

Virgo: Lilac

Ultra violet is the Pantone color of the year, but this summer we’re seeing it’s softer sister, lilac, take center stage. This gentle purple is perfect for a Virgo gal who is known for her elegant style. Since Virgos are drawn to polished and sophisticated details, try lilac suiting for a ‘fit that’s equal parts sweet and glam.

Button-Down Summer Trend

PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert, Iowa State

Libra: Button Up Details

For someone with a closet full of classics, you sure know how to shake things up, Libra. This summer’s button up trend is bound to catch your eye and will be right at home in your wardrobe. Weather you chose a classic top or a button front dress, balance the simplicity of this trend with some bolder accessories, like oversized sunglasses, to let your cool-girl vibes shine through.

Denim on Denim Summer Trend

PHOTO: Payton Pickard, University of North Texas

Scorpio: Denim on Denim

You’re known for you signature style so this season, take a staple fabric in your wardrobe and wear it head-to-toe — I’m talking double denim, Scorpio! Uniform looks are your thing but don’t worry—denim on denim can be extra chic when the washes match. However, if you’re in the mood to switch things up, try multiple washes or find a unique piece to layer under a jacket like a denim dress or jumpsuit.

Polka Dot Summer Trend

PHOTO: Nicole Betances, SCAD

Sagittarius: Polka Dots

Prints are already your best friend, Sagittarius, so there’s never been a better time to add some polka dots to your wardrobe. This summer trend is surprisingly easy to mix and match so deck yourself out in head-to-toe dots if you’re feeling daring.

Plaid Pants Summer Trend

PHOTO: Kally Cera, FIT

Capricorn: Bold Plaid

As a lover of sophisticated staples, Capricorns will gravitate towards the plaid trend that’s coming back this season. To switch it up a bit, opt for brightly colored checks. While it may seem a little louder than what you’re usually drawn to, you’ll be surprised by how versatile this print can be.

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Opening image by Ybik Gaviria.