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Fashion Girls Are Only Packing These 10 Things For Their Summer Travels

Fashion Girls Are Only Packing These 10 Things For Their Summer Travels

Whether it’s a quick weekend road trip or an international affair, there’s nothing like a vacation on the calendar to give you something to look forward to. The lead up to the trip is almost as thrilling as the adventure itself. (Keyword: almost.) If you are anything like me and all the other over-eager travelers out there, you research the best attractions, local tips, and, of course, mapped out what I like to call the “food-tinerary.”

So as the date gets closer and closer on the calendar, you are feeling more and more prepared for your vacation. That is until you pull out your luggage and start packing. Suddenly you look into your closet and it hits: you don’t know where to start and what to pack!

Don’t go checking the cancellation policy of your airfare or end up packing the entire contents of your closet. There are easy tips and tricks to keep in mind on the best items you need to pack to maximize the style, space, and sanity all at the same time.

Here is the ultimate travel checklist you’ll want to keep tabs on when preparing for your summer vacation.

1. Simple Tops: The best way to make any outfit look a little different is by starting off with a blank canvas. Pack simple T-shirts with regular scoop or V-necks. These shirts can easily be layered with outwear, worn under a tank, or tied into a cropped top on the fly. (Photo via @queenhalpal)

2. Black Bathing Suit: The most versatile color in the form of a bathing suit. Wherever you’re going, chances are you’ll be dipping your toes in the beach, pool, or an oversized bathtub, so don’t forget to pack this in your suitcase! (Photo via @sydneyhelphenstine)

3. Boyfriend Jeans: This particular style of denim can be worn over and over again with practically any look. It can be dressed up by adding a chic pair of heels and a blazer, or dressed down with a simple T-shirt and a cute bandana. (Photo via @ximena.adriana)

4. Maxi Dress: Comfortable enough to wear on a plane, the maxi is appropriate for almost every occasion you’ll have while traveling. Plus, you can layer over a shirt to make it look like a skirt! With the right accessories, this piece can be equally appropriate at the beach as it is at a nice dinner. (Photo via @samanthaneira)

5. Bandana/Scarf: This is the most functional and fashionable accessory you should take. You can wrap a bandana around your head or neck if you need to cool off. Weave it through your bel loops in case you need a belt. When it isn’t solving all your fashion problems, tie it on your purse or backpack for some added flair. (Photo via @stylelinguistics)

6. Sneakers: I don’t care if you never step foot in the gym, I cannot emphasize enough how important having comfortable shoes are when traveling. You’ll likely be sightseeing on foot so it’s imperative your footwear can keep up with your itinerary. (Photo via @thewongproject)

7. Button-Up: A classic button-up can be work as both outerwear, a coverup, or on its own with a pair of cut-offs. If the weather starts getting warm, just tie it around your waist for a carefree, beachy look. (Photo via @guccigranolaaa)

8. Sunglasses: Hides your tired eyes, shields you from the sun, adds a unique touch to your outfit…what can’t a good pair of sunnies do? (Photo via @typicaltuyen)

9. Hat: I like to take a baseball cap or sturdy fedora whenever I travel. Because who has time to fuss with your hair when there are sites to be seen? (Photo via @maddyhaller)

10. Mini Backpack: Traveling usually means you’re trying to pack way too many activities in one day. To decrease any hassle, opt for a small backpack over a purse. This way you can carry your necessities, camera, and any souvenirs you end up buying along the way, all while being hands-free. (Photo via @luciamarjolaine)

What other things do you always pack for travel? Let us know in the comments below!