A Summer Outfit to Beat the Heat

A Summer Outfit to Beat the Heat

It seems that summer has officially arrived with this beautiful weather we have been having here in Chicago. Lately, I have been loving neutrals and light colors, especially during the summer months. On these crazy warm days, if you’re not laying out by the pool in a swimsuit, then the next best thing is to be in something breezy and comfortable that won’t make you overheat. This Fashionista put together the perfect outfit for beating the crazy heat.

This Fashionista knows how to stay cool while looking her best. She keeps it simple with her breezy denim dress. I find with loose fitting clothing, it’s easier to look boxy and like you don’t have a shape, but I love how her dress cinches at the waist to help accentuate her figure. This is a staple that needs to be in every Fashionista’s closet.

She then pairs her look with a neutral colored sandal that really brings the heat with its rhinestone detailing. I love the buckle detail around the ankle! A fun sandal is perfect during the summer when you’re running around town. Not only do they keep your feet comfortable, but they are also super cute.

Lastly, this Fashionista accessorized her look with simple yet beautiful jewelry. Who said you can’t mix silver and gold jewelry? Her silver heart bracelet pairs beautifully with her dainty heart necklace. The rose gold bangle is something special and unique to this Fashionista because her coordinates to her home are engraved on it! How cute is that? She also brings a pop of color to her look with the teal accents within both her bracelet and her ring. Teal has become such a popular color in fashion and for the summer, and I’m loving it!

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