8 Breezy Summer Hairstyles for the Hottest Days

June 18th, 2018 at 5:00am
Summer Hairstyles

Who wants to waste time fixing their hair when you could be having fun in the sun? Looking effortless doesn’t have to be a process. If you are searching for hair inspo for the hottest days of the year, look no further. These hairstyles will have you ready in no-time and set to beat the heat. From ponytails tied with a scarf to simple top knots, here are eight easy summer hairstyles everyone should try this season.

Braided Summer Hairstyle

PHOTO: Alessandra Valcastelli, John Cabot University

The Low Single Braid

Not only does a braid look sleek, but it also controls your hair throughout the day to keep you cool. This low braid also pairs well with a headband for extra oomph. You could even try starting with a french or dutch braid depending on the desired look.

High Ponytail Summer Hairstyle

PHOTO: Briana WilvertUniversity of Washington

Classic High Pony with a Statement Scarf

A classic ponytail gets accessorized with a patterned scarf. In order to keep heavy, hot hair off of your neck, pull your hair up into a hair band and then decorate with your accessory of choice.

Top Knot Summer Hairstyle

PHOTO: Brisa Marr, College Fashionista alum

Simple Top Knot with Twist Pins

Buns are warm-weather staples because they control and conceal the humidity frizz while leaving our neck cool. If you have trouble trusting typical hairbands, try using bun pins to support your top knot. Just gather your hair into your desired style and twist in three or four pins to lock the look.

Pinned Back Summer Hairstyle

PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert, Iowa State

Pulled Half-Back with Bobby Pins

Bobby pins work double duty in this summer hairstyle. They hold hair away from your face and add some personality to the look. Just take a front section of your hair and pin it back with a few bobby pins of your choice (the more the merrier).

Half-Up Summer Hairstyle

PHOTO: Kally CeraFashion Institute of Technology

Half-Up Scrunchie Pigtails

This playful ‘do may remind you of childhood summers, but we’re bringing pigtails back for this grown-up version. Section off two front portions of your hair and tie each up with a scrunchie for extra flair. Your hair will look fresh and funky while keeping it out of your face on hot days.

Bandana Headband Summer Hairstyle

PHOTO: Kalynn Smith, College Fashionista alum

Scarf Headband with Loose Curls

The most adorable hair accessory this summer is a fun scarf. Keep it simple by tying it in the middle of your head and pulling a few pieces forward to make the scarf seamlessly blend with your hair.

Half Up Summer Hairstyle

PHOTO: Morgan Daniel, Savannah College of Art and Design

Half-Up, Half-Down, Shades Out

Show off your shades by pulling your hair half-up into a mini ponytail. All you’ll need is a small elastic to hold the hair up and back. Bring a few strands out by the hairline to frame your face.

Low Pigtails Summer Hairstyle

PHOTO: Soni Lee Solano, Fashion Institute of Technology

Colorful Tips in Playful Pigtails

Switch things up and add color to your summer hairstyle. You can sport your favorite shade without the commitment by using a semi-permanent dye. Style this look with low pigtails and a fisherman hat to beat the heat and shield your face from the sun.

What are your go-to summer hairstyles? Let us know in the comments which ones you plan on trying out! And if you’re interested in writing articles like this for College Fashionista, apply to be a Community Member today!

Opening photo by Daisa Harris.