Summer 2017 Must-Have Trends

Summer 2017 is upon us and I can’t help but scroll through and want everything I see. It is clear that there are trends that will forever stay in style, many that go as quick as they came, and the always fun permanent, but impermanent trends. From chokers to mules, there’s a vast array of trendy pieces to choose from, but after some long and hard bargain/thrift shopping, I had to go with these. These are my must-haves of the many trendy pieces to choose from while getting ready this summer!


After some brainstorming, I couldn’t help but gravitate to the almighty espadrille! These are most definitely a cult favorite! Everything about this shoe style screams summer and anything remotely related to it. They come in all styles, and you know you love it! From platforms to wedges to sneakers, there are loads to choose from. I came across my Rebecca Minkoff espadrilles on the day in which I call my luckiest and got them for only 100 dollars! Tread the summer in your own pair of lace-up espadrilles.


My next pick is a fun 2-in-1, and I’m raving about it! The white skort is a definite must-have this summer. Anything white is a must-have this season, but the skort has made a super fun comeback and everyone is loving it. I see them on every other Instagram picture. I scored my Zara piece for $2 at a local thrift shop! This style is definitely one you can’t miss out on. Get this super cute wrap skort to stay in style this summer.

Crop Tops

When putting this piece together, I naturally gravitated to this elegant, easily dressed up (or dressed down) crop top. It’s sleek and it adds the right touch of color to the outfit. You can’t go wrong with crop tops when there is anything high-waisted involved. The crop top is a trend that we all love and don’t ever wish to see go.


Finally, to complete my look I asked myself “What really screams summer?” and the answer is shades, shades, shades! And for summer 2017, the coolest shades are the ones with a fun tint! Mine are reflective and so fun to sport around! In 2017 alone, I’ve seen about a million different styles and the crazier the frame, the better! From light tint to reflective tint, blue, green, or yellow, they’re a staple trend that will never ever go away. These mirrored cat-eye sunglasses will definitely tie up any look all summer long!

These are just a few of my picks, and we want to know what yours are, too! Take it to Instagram and show us by tagging @CFashionista!