May 22nd, 2015 at 2:06am

This spring, we have been seeing a lot of versatile denim looks as jeans are no longer the only denim donned by Fashionistas/os. While denim skirts, dresses, shirts, jeans and even shoes seem to currently flood the streets of New York City, we can recall the emergence of this easy, crisp look in Chloé’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear runway show. Many of the looks in this show exude a sort of bohemian, ’70s era vibe, as flowing shirts, flared silhouettes and structured, detailed denim was sported in a multitude of these runway styles. While many of the looks were oversized and emanated a sort of easy, breezy appearance with their floral and lace textures, denim shorts, skirts and dresses added some structure to these otherwise bohemian looks. With detailed buttons down the fronts of skirts, dresses, pants and shorts and numerous, prominent pockets, these usually plain denim looks were transformed into something a bit more interesting than the classic denim. Simplicity was key here, as the color palette included earthy and pastel hues, avoiding all bright colors or intricate patterns. 

I replicated this look, attempting to exude that same structured and versatile denim look, while still adding a bit of that ’70s vibe to my outfit. To exemplify these structured silhouettes, I donned an A-line, denim dress from Madewell. With a fitted bodice and buttons down the entirety of the front of the dress, the same attention to simple detail was paid here as was in Chloé’s line. Some pockets on the dress allowed for the original denim jean look to be emanated through this different take on classic denim.

For accessories, I stuck to a cluster of neutral colored bracelets, rings, earrings and a watch, keeping the look centered around earthy, golden brown hues. My tortoise shell Ray-Ban rounds exude a sort of ’70s hippie vibe, while my brown oxford, wingtip heels continue to emphasize that structured look seen in many of Chloé’s looks.

Get My Look: 1. A button-down denim dress. 2. A pair of oxford wingtips. 3. Round framed sunglasses.