These 6 Rad Instagram Accounts Have One Thing in Common

It’s no secret that our Style Gurus have some serious skills when it comes to their online presence. In need of some serious inspiration? The #StyleGuruLove hashtag is the place to be. If you’re really paying attention, you’ll notice some stand out accounts that pop up time and time again. Our Style Gurus know to curate a feed that lets their own style and personality shine through. And just like our Style Gurus, no two accounts are the same—so we’ve touched base with a few rockstars who shared with us their inspiration, tips, and tricks for creating that follow-worthy feed.

Mackensey Moor—@mmoor “One major IG inspiration tip I tell people is Pinterest. I have so many boards on Pinterest, like poses I want to try out, locations I want to find, and even outfits I want to copy. I’m a very visual person, so whenever I am out with a photographer shooting or even out with my friends taking OOTD pictures, I like to have a few pictures at my fingertips to look at for inspiration. My second biggest tip is feed organization. I am a control freak and I like to know everything and have a plan and this has transferred over to my IG account. I use a few apps that are like feed planners and this is a way for me to schedule my posts and make sure my feed is cohesive. I really like to mix up my feed with iPhone photos and DSLR photos because I really live real time photos and living in the moment with that post. Lastly, your IG is what you make it and I think that’s beautiful. No one will post the same exact photo or have the same exact feed as you and that is because you are unique in your own ways. That gives me inspiration and motivation especially when I don’t know what to post. I know that if I love it and it’s me, then I don’t care if anyone else does, I do and that’s all that matters to me.”

Thelma Ekezie—@withlovethelms “My Instagram feed is one of my favorite ways to express myself. I love being able to have a creative outlet that I get to control and put out the way I see fit. What inspires me to post is my mom always teaching me when you put out beautiful things, it will attract beautiful people. That’s kind of how I see life, especially my creative outlets. I see my Instagram as a place to put out beautiful things and hope that beautiful souls, minds, and beings love it as much as I do.”

Sarah Gargano—@sarahgargano29 “I’m very inspired by fashion and other Instagram accounts that I look up to and mostly by places I’m exploring for the first time!”

Alexa Mendoza—@alexadmendoza “I try to keep my Instagram feed consistent in terms of content and colors for my own artistic preferences. A feature that I love about Instagram is that it’s incredibly easy to connect with all of your followers; one of the main reasons why I post is because that interaction is never disappointing! I don’t see my followers as just a number on my profile, they are all human beings and it’s wonderful to reach out to them and find out that you have so much in common with people around the world.”

Rachel Park—@therachelstory  “I absolutely love connecting to followers and getting to know some other Instagrammers in real life. I tend to write captions that are more engaging so that beyond just a pretty picture, it tells a story and reflects how I might’ve felt that day.”

Norah Murphy—@norahmurphy  “My Instagram feed is based a lot on my personal style; I wear a lot of denim, white and black so I find myself posting photos that follow that color scheme as well! I also love the look of a clean white and bright background, so I try to keep that consistent throughout my photos. I find a lot of inspiration from Pinterest as well and even have a board called ‘Instagram Inspiration.'”

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