Styling Overalls for All Occasions This Summer

Overalls have become trendy once again, and they are one of my favorite outfits and styles for the summer. If there is anything to know about me it’s this: overalls are my everything. They are statement pieces and can really be used for any occasion.

I write to you from sunny California, and while the weather is always spotless, it can get pretty chilly in the mornings and evenings. I’ve selected a few ways to style different types of overalls with the same basic shirt and shoes: fancy, laid-back, and ready for brunch. Styling overalls can be tricky at times and deciding what to wear underneath can really make or break the outfit. I grabbed a basic white T-shirt and slip-ons that go great with any outfit. Here are my three favorite ways to wear overalls:

1—The Bigger the Better. My first outfit can be used for a fancy night at a movie premiere. Black long overalls with a basic white T-shirt and white slip-ons makes for a great look and a very comfy outfit. I styled all of these with my favorite color—pink. This pair of overalls is the kind that you see at the store and find yourself immediately loving, so naturally, I haven’t stopped wearing them since I bought them.

2—The Originals. Jean overalls have made their way back into our closets, or perhaps, they just never left. These overalls tend to look good with any style, including large sweaters, bralettes, or basic T-shirts. I like to pair these with sneakers for ultimate comfort.

3—Let’s Brunch. After a night of too many tequila shots, brunch is always the answer. A cute pair of short floral overalls and your favorite basic T-shirt is an easy fix for a late morning pick-me-up. 

So start making your way to the back of your closet and find that pair of overalls you thought you’d never wear again. Dig through your T-shirts and find the perfect one to style with your overalls this summer.

Grab your purse and slip on your shoes. You’ve got a mimosa waiting for you.

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