Styling for Dynamic Duos

Hitting the town with your best friend is always the best way to spend a day, but have you ever showed up, photo-ready, and realize you totally clash? Photos are a must when you’re with your bestie, looking cute, out and about. The greatest way to ensure your photos turn out as glam as possible is to embody your individual styles while also complementing each other well. Styling is important to be a truly dynamic duo.

Color Coordination

I’m not saying you have to perfectly match your friend, but for complementing purposes, you are going to want to make sure your outfits do not clash color wise. A wacky color combo can throw off any picture. Styling yourselves together is fun and will save you from a bombing Instagram. Your muted tone outfit may fit your photo feed, but the bright pink maxi dress your BFF didn’t warn you she was sporting may not quite be what you pictured for your theme. Creating a cohesive color theme for your day out will be pleasing to the eye of strangers on the street and your followers on the screen.

Stay True to Your Style

Never dress in a style that isn’t your own. Being a dynamic duo does not mean you have the same style. In fact, both of you embracing your own individual styles and cohesively making them look amazing together is way more impressive. As you can see, my Fashionista friend and I here are super cohesive, but still emulate our own individual styles. My Fashionista friend works her signature black denim, unique shoes, and edgy accessories, while I complement her with my softer style, trendy shoes, and lace accents. We follow the color coordination rule in all black and even down to the cognac-colored shoes. While being cohesive, we still work our own styles.

Stay True, Period

Don’t be fake in photos. Be natural, real, and authentic. You and your best friend don’t need to post up like people you aren’t. Wear clothes you both love. Go places you actually enjoy. Take pictures posing however you are comfortable together. Stepping out of your comfort zone is healthy, but never step out of you are. People will love your friendship as much as you do if you show it off how it is. Let your style speak for you, and always keep it 100 from your outfit to your smile.

Just be yourself. You and your bestie are such a great pair for reasons beyond how you look. It can never hurt to spruce yourselves up for a fun day, though. Remember to avoid clashing colors by coordinating, never changing your style to fit someone else’s, and staying true to who you are through and through. Go out there and show the world how cool of a dynamic duo you and your best friend truly are.

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