#StyleGuruHighlight—Check Out These Four Rockstar Style Gurus!

July 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

You read their articles, follow/stalk them on social media and are constantly inspired by their senses of style/general #RADNESS. We know—our CollegeFashionista Style Gurus are cool. Like really cool. So cool in fact that we have started a new series—#StyleGuruHighlight!

Each Tuesday at noon EST, we drop a new video on Instagram which gives you a behind-the-scenes look at one of our rockstar Style Gurus. Think of it as another way to get one step closer to your favorite #GuruGang member IRL!

Check out some of the recent Style Gurus we featured and be sure to tune in every Tuesday at noon for a new video live on CollegeFashionista’s Instagram account!

Megan Sharp, Pace University (@n_agem)


1—My cat, Lilly, has an Instagram account (@lilbetchlill)

2—My favorite superhero is Captain America

3—My style icon is Jesse Rutherford, the frontman of The Neighbourhood

4—I’m a pescatarian because I love sushi too much to be vegetarian

5—My favorite store right now is Zara because of Eliza Huber, one of the other CF Style Gurus I get to intern with!


Taylor Hale, The George Washington University (@taylormackenzieh)


1—I was born in the same hospital Houdini died in (morbid but kinda cool)
2—I have two middle names #doingthemost
3—Anna Wintour walked by me at the 2015 US Open
4—I’ve was never asked to a high school or middle school dance…not bitter.
5—I’m a member of Alpha Phi Fraternity
Eliza Huber, University of Iowa (@elizagracehuber)
Eliza_SGH_ (10 of 22)
1—I know everything (and I mean everything) about The Beetles. George Harrison is the love of my life.
2—I am currently on the quest for the perfect croissant.
3—I’ve seen every episode of New Girl more than five times. Schmidt is my life inspiration.
4—I’ve just started Instagram shopping and my current favorite is @marketvintagela
5—Leaving New York City in two weeks to go back to school will be one of the saddest moments of my life.
Ada Chen, New York University (@a.dachen)
1—I’m a barista
2—I’m a vegetarian
3—I have a green thumb
4—I work for the Brooklyn Poets Society
5—I was once personally invited to a party by Jared Leto!