#StyleGuruHighlight—Check Out These Five Rockstar Style Gurus!

You read their articles, follow/stalk them on social media and are constantly inspired by their senses of style/general #RADNESS. We know—our CollegeFashionista Style Gurus are cool. Like really cool. So cool in fact that we have started a new series—#StyleGuruHighlight!

Each Tuesday at noon EST, we drop a new video on Instagram which gives you a behind-the-scenes look at one of our rockstar Style Gurus. Think of it as another way to get one step closer to your favorite #GuruGang member IRL!

Check out some of the recent Style Gurus we featured and be sure to tune in every Tuesday at noon for a new video live on CollegeFashionista’s Instagram account!

Zoe Bernstein, FIT (@zoebernstein)

IMG_3581-Edit (2)1—Brunch–all day, everyday. The unlimited amount of cute brunch places is my favorite part of living in the city.

2—My #1 most played song on iTunes is “Somebody Else” by The 1975. Matt Healy is my life.

3—When I first came to the city, being photographed by Bill Cunningham was at the top of my NYC Bucket List, but now I guess it’s “Humans of New York.”

4—I probably spend an unhealthy amount of time scrolling through Instagram accounts dedicated towards golden retrievers.

5—I originally asked for lavender tips and walked out of the salon with pink hair.

Peyton Lee, York College (@leytonpee)


1—My favorite song is “1, 2 Step” by Ciara ft. Missy Elliott

2—I could eat everything bagels every day for the rest of my life

3—My go-to binge-watch show on Netflix is “Arrested Development”

4—I had a beta fish named “2 Chainz”

5—I’m constantly inspired by social media and fashion. One day I hope to someday have a job that involves both!

Emily Ciavatta, Monmouth University (@emilyciavattaa)


1—I have six tattoos and six piercings!

2—I am so obsessed with coffee that I dedicated an entire section on my blog to reviewing cafes.

3—I’m a huge music buff and have a really broad music taste (I’m seriously into anything from Chance the Rapper to Hozier)

4—I hate watching TV but am obsessed with YouTube videos—Casey Neistat is my favorite.

5—I’m from NJ and go to school there so I’m lucky enough to go to NYC whenever I want!

Chastity Heusinger, University of South Florida (@chastity_diane)


1—I was born right outside of Chicago, but left at 3 weeks old and haven’t been back since.

2—As much as I love to travel, I have only been to one country and that was Thailand!

3—I am training to be a registered yoga teacher.

4—I’m vegan (but everyone knows that)

5—I spent most of my life in chorus and theater and I love to perform, but I don’t do it anymore.

Melany Rodriguez, Rutgers University (@melanycecilia)


1—I was born in New Jersey, but I grew up in Dominican Republic until about the age of five

2—I can speak, read and write in Spanish.

3—I caught the travel bug about two years ago and haven’t stopped discovering places ever since.

4—KimYe are my everything goals!

5—I can honestly say I can’t imagine my everyday life without a little touch of @cfashionista in it