STYLE OF THE WEEK: Summer Dress, Fall Warmth

Dresses are a good choice for any sunny day. They come in many lengths, colors, and patterns and can be made unique to each person’s own style. Love summer clothes but need to be warm for fall weather? Be ready for any occasion with a dress paired with different accessories to keep you warm throughout the fall!

This Fashionista has found a way to wear a cute dress while keeping it casual. The dress being the main element of the outfit makes the outfit easy to put together. The Fashionista added a nice vintage fall look with her ankle booties. Booties look great with anything and pairing them with a sundress lets those dresses stick around past the summer. They add an urban-chic look as well.

So how do you wear a summer-looking dress when fall comes around? Find a cute dress, and discover ways to transform it into an autumn appropriate outfit. This can be done by putting a cardigan over a dress for a variation, simply adding a necklace like this Fashionista did or even a scarf to make the outfit good for colder weather. Try using a neutral or bright colored scarf to accent the dress, or mix and match to go with the dress underneath. Any color lipstick can also easily add dimension to an outfit.

A dress is a good main element to have, because it can be easily spruced up with jewelry for a date night, or a scarf and cardigan for windy days. Booties keep the feet warm while bringing out the fall season. This Fashionista’s dress has a perfect fall, antique feel with the brown booties while still keeping the dress as the main element. The booties keep the shoe choice simple and not distracting from the dress, yet they complete the vintage look too.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be worried about having to put all your spring/summer clothes away when fall rolls around. There are plenty of ways to transition them into fall looks so keep them handy in your wardrobe!”