How to Style Like an Edgy Princess

When you think of an edgy outfit, a pink pleated skirt probably does not come to mind. However, this Fashionista breaks barriers by creating an edgy look while still wearing a  girly, pink skirt. By combining two contrasting styles in one outfit, this Fashionista creates an enviable look that is perfect for almost any occasion.

This Fashionista builds this edgy outfit around her pink pleated skirt. She ties her white T-shirt in a knot to allow for her entire skirt to be on display and act as the focal point of the outfit. Her T-shirt says “life is a party” in a beautiful font. Most people wouldn’t expect a pleated skirt to be paired with a casual T-shirt, but it is the contrast in these two items that contributes to the success of this outfit.

My favorite part of this outfit is the oversize denim jacket. The jacket is a medium wash denim that goes down to the thigh. The jacket is imperfect, with patches and fringes at the end. This jacket truly completes the outfit and allows for this Fashionista to stay warm during those cool, summer nights. She finishes out this awesome look with a classic pair of white slip-on Vans. The Vans are comfortable and pair perfectly with the casual T-shirt and denim jacket.

Her accessories are also very interesting. She wears a black choker necklace with a Hand of Fatima charm. The Hand of Fatima is said to bring luck, happiness, and good fortune. This Fashionista certainly had some good fortune when creating this awesome look! She wears sparkly hoop earrings to complement the pink skirt. While she looks edgy and comfortable with her T-shirt and sneakers, the earrings dress up this look a little more.

To complete this look, this Fashionista wears a purple lipstick from ColourPop Cosmetics. The purple lip adds a more edgy flair to this outfit than a basic nude shade.

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