Style Gurus Chat About Their Beauty Routines!

One of our favorite things about CollegeFashionista is how it brings together Style Gurus from around the country who would have otherwise never met. They form true friendships, unique bonds and connect on a level that can only be described as inspiring.

In this new series, “Style Gurus Chat,” two Style Gurus from different schools, who have found major #StyleGuruLove through CollegeFashionista, catch-up, share their insights on a topic and, well, chat.

First up we have two super #RAD Style Gurus—Melany Rodriguez from Rutgers University and Megan Sharp from Pace University. They caught up and shared their general wisdom and beauty do’s and don’ts with each other (and you the CollegeFashionista reader)!


Melany Rodriguez: “Hi Meg! I miss you already”

Megan Sharp: “I know I miss you too, come back please.”

MR: “I wish, soon! So let’s jump right into it. Tell me what are some of your absolute go­-to drug store products?”

MS: “Hm, let me think. Definitely the Maybelline Matte Foundation is one of my favorite things.”

MR: “YES! Same girl!”

MS: “It’s because it just works, you know?”

MR: “No, most of the time I actually prefer drug store foundation over other pricey brands because I just feel like I get a bigger bang for my buck.”

MS: “Same. Other than my NARS Concealer that I swear by, most of my other makeup products are drug store brands.”

MR: “I definitely am the same. So would you say your makeup routine generally changes from school, to work in the office, to the weekend?”

MS: “So it actually remains pretty consistent. I have a go­-to makeup routine so unless I’m like being super casual or have one of those days we all have where I don’t care what anyone thinks of me then I’ll do next to no make-up, but other than that it’s just your basics.”

MR: “Aside from these casual makeup looks, do you ever go full glam, total red carpet?”

MS: “Dang that’s a hard one! The only time I have maybe gone full on glam is prom or like a wedding.”

MR: “Really?!”

MS: “Yea like I’ll put falsies on once in a blue moon.”

MR: “I must have been a drag queen or something in my past like because I love me some glam.”

MS: “Definitely not, you put it all together so well. I mean my makeup routine is already relatively lengthy so in a way I just consider my everyday look a glam look.”

MR: “Do you feel like what you eat and consume affects your skin in any way?”

MS: “Definitely!”

MR: “Well now that you mention it, I’m currently eating a 27 cent ramen noodle cup as we speak, so please educate me!”

MS: ”Oh my God no, it definitely does. I’m actually currently in the process of trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. This past week I was on vacation and I didn’t eat the best so I’m trying to cleanse all the toxins out.”

MR: “Yea, we know how tough taking care of your skin and body can be on vacation due to limited resources. What’s one tip you would give to girls when jetsetting away?”

MS: “I would tell them to try to stick to products that have a really short ingredients list, it’s actually what my mom has always taught me. If you don’t have access to super fresh things around you just remember the shorter the ingredients list, the higher chance it is as being closer to organic.”

MR: “Wow that’s actually awesome advice, I never thought of that!”

MS: “And another thing is if you look at the ingredients list and you can’t pronounce what a certain word is, chances are it won’t be that great for you.”

MR: “Like ‘Hydro­Fluorescent Pink Formula No. 2’ or something bizarre like that, which you actually do come across.”

MS: “You’d be surprised!”

MR: “Now that you gave me your number one travel beauty tip, what would be an essential one for going back to school and us girls having little to no time to get ready from class to class?”

MS: “Ok, two things: concealer and mascara. And that’s all you really need. Those are the two things I cannot leave the house without. If you don’t have time to sit there and lavish up, just cover up your blemishes, add a little color to your lashes and go.”

MR: “Same for me with mascara, and then my eyebrows are essential. So what’s the earliest memory you have playing around with makeup?”

MS: “So when I was really little I went into my mom’s room and I found this bright red lipstick and smeared it all over my face. My mom was just like ‘What?!”

MR: “I’m pretty sure we’ve all had that ‘sneak into your mom’s makeup drawer’ moment at some point or another.”

MS: “I must’ve been like seven. And then after that I started really experimenting with makeup around middle school, and I wore this God-awful blue eyeliner on my water line and thought it was the coolest thing ever.”

MR: “Honestly this has to be every girl’s makeup stage, because I did the same in middle school except I would have to rub it off every eighth period so my mom wouldn’t notice when I got home.”

MS: “So funny. Now look at us!”

MR: “Right?! Well thank you so much Meg, for your favorite beauty do’s and don’ts. I’ll see you soon!”

MS: “See you soon, babe!”