Hello my fellow fashion lovers, my name is Macy Harris, and I am back for another fabulous semester to share all of my street style finds with you! I have been writing for CollegeFashionista for the past two semesters and have had the most #RAD time. We are now entering fall, which is my favorite season of the year. Not because of my September birthday (well maybe a little bit) but because fall fashion excites me every year.

In my past two STYLE GURU BIOS, I have talked about the magical moment that I feel in love with fashion, and why I decided to go into this crazy industry. So in this article, I want to talk about where I’m at right now. I have just begun my last year at the amazing Ohio University and could not be feeling more nostalgic. These past couple of years that I have been here have shaped me into the semi-adult person I am today. I have learned that my two loves, fashion and entertainment, are the main things that I want to pursue. I have my own fashion and vlog channel on YouTube, MacyEleni and enjoy creating lookbooks and filming my day to day life. I love interacting with my audience and sharing my fashion finds with the world!

This year, I’ve decided to step it up when it comes to my outfits. If I want to rock a fedora or floppy hat to class, I’m doing it. Sorry in advance to anyone sitting behind me in class on those bold days. So, for this look I decided to mix together all things Macy. I paired a thrifted pair of jeans and platform sandals with retro sunglasses and a silver statement necklace. This outfit had me feeling confident and ready to take on my final year in this magical town.

I have never felt more inspired and confident in my life, which makes me extremely excited about the content that I will be creating for you guys this semester. Make sure to check back every month to keep up with me and the trendiest bobcats OU has to offer!