STYLE GURU STYLE: Your Favorite Band T-shirt

STYLE GURU STYLE: Your Favorite Band T-shirt

When it comes style, whether every girl will admit it or not, the first thing on our mind is making sure an outfit is trendy. But the second thing on our mind is making sure it is comfy. The band T-shirt is just that and more. I am eating up the band T-shirt trend right now as it is right up my ally. It’s trendy, comfy and boho chic! I picked up a few over the last couple weeks at many different stores, thrift shops and my parent’s closet. Cutting, dying and stitching them each in different ways, the trend has so many avenues.This was a perfect way for every girl to channel their inner creativity.

In this outfit, I was heading to a Sunday brunch with the girls. I didn’t really tamper with this rocker Led Zeppelin T-shirt; I added a cute touch by tying it into a front knot to break up the look. On the bottom I rocked a black fringe skirt to add some texture. This skirt is super fun and versatile. It can be styled in a laid back manner like this or dressed up for a Friday night at your favorite bar with some heels. To layer, I added every girl’s favorite jacket right now: the bomber. I normally don’t do pink, but this mauve color was one I couldn’t give up. It goes great when paired with darker and deeper fall—perfect for the season!

Last month, you saw me drool over snake skin boots; well, now I have my own. These boots aren’t going out of style for a while, ladies and gents. These bad boys are too good to be true. You can add these to just about any outfit and they will be killer, and they are perfect for those colder days. To top off the outfit, I added a black brimmed hat to add some edge. Instead of carrying a purse, I had a black leather backpack that carried out the style. Always remember to switch up your everyday accessories!

This outfit could easily be dressed up more without the band T-shirt, but I think that’s the best part about it. This iconic band T-shirt takes this outfit to a whole other level. I’m in style and in comfort. Does it get much better than that?

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