STYLE GURU STYLE: Young, Confident and Free

September 25th, 2015 at 2:05am

Imagine a wall covered in pastel-colored roses and tulips slowly falling to the ground as time passes by. Imagine a boy and a girl locking eyes for the first time or a friendship blooming into a transition where two people are comfortable enough to be who they are. These are all beautiful moments that one might encounter or lust over. They are colorful, meaningful and make you appreciate the world around you. This is what comes to mind when I see the different pieces in the See by Chloé spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection. I think of a brand new awakening. The pieces remind me of innocence, playfulness and purity. Its soft color palette along with touches of washed-out blues bring out sophistication and femininity into the collection, as they photograph the essence of being young, confident and free.

Sometimes I find myself overthinking what to wear, and in the process lose myself in what I end up choosing. This collection inspired me to just let things be and let the pieces find each other. I wanted to make sure I captured the vibrant, playful and young message I felt. In order to do so, I kept it simple with a white top that brought along cute detailed embroidered patches. The little heart, arrow and eye lashes give the top a quirky and young look, and in return highlight the pink and purple colors in my hair.

To play off the washed-out blues in this collection, I decided to pair my top with a good pair of denim mom jeans along with a braided belt. These pieces create a cute casual look that is easy to wear, have fun in and still feel comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. To finish off the look, I wore my green Converse for a contrast in color and to give the outfit a pop of fun!

Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to remind us that even though we grow old, it doesn’t mean we can’t bring back that playful and young innocence we still have hidden inside.

Get My Look: 1. White top. 2. Mom Jeans. 3. Converse.