During the fall of 2015, something amazing happened. One of the greatest rappers to ever bless a mic gave the world something else to love him for. Kanye West released Yeezy. Everything this man creates is genius, from The College Dropout to Yeezy, all of his albums have been impeccable, and his track record is perfect. So if he can create great music, who’s to say that he can’t design great clothes?

The Yeezy fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection speaks to the soul of every tumblr-addicted teenager across the globe. His collaboration with adidas and Vanessa Beecroft created a beautiful array of black, gray and nude tones that excite the mind and soothe the soul. Being a proud fan of West and his Yeezy collection, this look has Kanye’s inspiration all over it. This Fashionista nailed the monochromatic aspect of this collection by combining an oversized black T-shirt  with a simple black circle skirt, and, keeping Kanye’s oversized aspect in mind, she topped the black ensemble with an oversized black trench coat. She also paired her favorite cheetah socks with the only proper shoe to wear for a Yeezy fit: a pair of Yeezys, the Nike Air Yeezy Red October’s to be exact.

Because one of the main concepts Kanye was trying to stick with was simplicity, when sporting a Yeezy-like fit, less is more. Kanye didn’t rely on patterns and embroidery to make his look; he let the look make itself (know what I mean?).

Get My Look:  1. Stick to the monochromatic scheme and start with a simple pair of black bottoms, a pair of ripped black jeans, for example, and just add black. 2. Continue the look with a black T-shirt, one that sort of slopes and hangs just a little at the shoulders. 3. Finish it off with a simple black jacket, like a hoodie.