STYLE GURU STYLE: Yeezus Season Approaching

If you haven’t seen Kanye West X adidas originals yet, you definitely must. The collection debuted at NYFW earlier this month and was met with mixed reviews. Personally, I love it. It was such an amazing show. I love that Kanye stayed within the earth tone color palette and really played with the over and under exaggeration of classic silhouettes. I’m obsessed with the post-apocalyptic feel of the oversized sweaters and the draping of the sweatpants paired with sneakers. I could really see this being the next giant fashion trend: post-apocalyptic-chic.

Today, I tried it for myself. I wore mostly black with a little bit of gray, which is a little different from the color scheme Kanye uses, but it stays in line with the monochromatic feel of the show. Instead of wearing black jeans, I opted for black joggers and a classic peacoat. I wanted to give my look a touch of post-apocaplytic chic while maintaining a classic winter feel. Many of us feel the need to wear boots in the winter, especially in a colder climate like Chicago, but I wanted to mix it up a little bit. I’m all for dressing how you want to dress versus dressing how the climate tells us to. Maybe I’m just a little rebellious against the bitter winter cold.

Kanye West’s ready-to-wear line is inspiring me to stay on my New Year’s resolution of dressing a little edgier. This is a great transitional look for me: it allows me to play with different options while maintaining the classic looks I hold on to so much.

Get My Look: 1. A black peacoat. 2. A colored quarter zip pullover. 3. Black joggers. 4. Your favorite sneakers.