The best thing about fashion recently is that sporty-chic has become and has stayed one of the largest trends. Being comfortably dressed but still being considered fashionable is what many Fashionistas aspire to do, as well as many designers through their runway collections. One runway collection that exemplifies sporty-chic is the Nasir Mazhar spring 2015 collection. This collection consists of crop top pieces that resemble sports bras, oversized jogger pants, graphic sweatshirts and shapeless skirts. However, each and every outfit, regardless of whether it consists of a skirt, sweatshirt or sweatpants, is topped off with a pair of sneakers. While all of the pieces in the collection resemble a sporty vibe, the sneakers are the pieces that solidify what it truly means to be sporty-chic both on the runway, and off.

As someone who would much rather wear sneakers than heels, I have been basking in the glory that is sporty-chic. Pulling some inspiration from the Nasir Mazhar collection, I put the focus of my outfit on my sneakers by wearing a monochromatic black outfit. My monochromatic black outfit, similar to the collection, consists of pieces that have a sporty feel to them, like a long sleeve black T-shirt and cotton leggings. To stay on the chic side of sporty, I put my outfit together meticulously while making it seem effortless.

My favorite aspect about sporty-chic being in is that I can wear sneakers with almost anything and everything. From adidas and Vince to Superga and Nike, my collection has become more eclectic ever since sporty-chic became my favorite look. In this outfit particularly, I decided to sport a new pair of adidas sneakers from Rita Ora’s latest collaboration. What I love about these sneakers—which Rita named “O-Rays”—is their unusual design of colorful skeleton feet, making them unlike anything else I own. As I was tired of wearing the same old black, white and gray colored sneakers, these were the perfect pair to really branch out of my color comfort zone.

Thinking of trying out some sporty-chic looks like in the Nasir Mazhar collection? Instead of going for the conventional solid-colored sneakers, step out of your comfort zone and try on some bright colored or patterned kicks instead!

Get My Look: 1. Black leather jacket. 2. Structured oversized handbag. 3. adidas sneakers from the Rita Ora collaboration.