STYLE GURU STYLE: Women With Layers

STYLE GURU STYLE: Women With Layers

Whether it’s your hair, personality or a piece of cake, layers make everything a lot more interesting. My absolute favourite looks for winter are those comprised of three pieces: a base, some interest and the finishing touch. This formula works for me every time and automatically configures different items from my wardrobe into a cohesive look. What appears to be a well-thought-out ensemble is actually super simple to throw together and can be tailored to suit any and all situations.

This particular outfit is trendy, yet simple and works perfectly across various settings. I’ve worn this exact look on campus, out to brunch and even to the mall. My base of choice here is a grey salt and pepper sweater featuring my favorite neckline at the moment: the mock neck. This neckline is super chic and easy to pull off because it is not quite a turtleneck, but more sophisticated than a crewneck. This sweater can definitely hold its own when paired with these jeans and boots; so, if I find myself getting warm, I don’t have to worry about compromising the overall look as outer layers come off.

My second layer is what adds some oomph to the outfit. This sheer plaid button-down peeks out from under my coat and offers a transition between the warm-toned outer layer and cool-toned inner layer. The navy blue plaid design stands out against the white and brings subtle color into this outfit without venturing far from a neutral theme. This middle piece can also hold its own as the finishing touch on top of any sweater or shirt. When the coat comes off, the outfit still looks complete and refined.

The outer layer of this look is like a top coat of nail polish: it makes everything underneath look even better. I chose to continue with neutral tones, but switched from cool to warm for more interest and contrast. The coat in this outfit gets me from A to B all warm and toasty while also adding to the overall look. It is essential for every Fashionista/o to own outerwear during the colder months that isn’t simply functional, but fashionable as well.

Finally, I can’t finish this article without a shout-out to my favorite heeled booties. Suede and block heels are extremely on-trend at the moment and add comfortable finesse that also elongates your legs. A bit of height is always helpful when rocking outfits that feature lengthy layers such as mine.

If calf-high coats, mock necks and heels aren’t your thing, then try adding layers to wardrobe staples that you already know and love. To take layered looks in a more casual direction, I enjoy pairing a simple T-shirt with a bomber or jean jacket and then sandwich a flannel in between. Voila!

What you wear is another medium that can be used to tell people a little bit about yourself, so why not show some layers?