“Stop trying to look cute, and put a coat on,” were words that were spoken to me much more than I want to remember as I was growing up. Whether the instruction came from my parents or grandparents, they always assumed that in spite of how comfortable I felt, I was or was going to be cold in the near future. Thankfully, now it is on-trend this fall/winter season to put a layer of clothing on top of another layer of clothing on top of another layer of clothing—you get the point.

Wearing layers is perfect for Fashionistas who hate covering up their outfits with big, bulky coats. The layer trend has been prevalent in many designer’s collections over the past fall seasons. Thakoon Panichgul’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection displays this trend brilliantly. Thakoon’s collection mixes prints, colors and fabrics that most people would probably never dare to put together. My layered look is inspired by his entire collection. In it, he combines different garments and styles and turns them into cohesive looks. Many of the looks appear effortless, allowing them to easily be recreated with a touch of your own personal style. Whether Thakoon is styling a winter coat on top of an oversized sweater on top of a button-up collared shirt or a poncho over a loose fitting denim jacket over a T-shirt, his dynamic layering abilities are clearly thought out and spot on.

I love layers because as the day goes on and it gets warmer or cooler, you can simply take off a layer or add one as you so please and still look good as you do it. I translated this runway trend into my own look by wearing a gold puffer vest over a white oversized sweater, which I paired with a navy blue and white plaid flannel shirt. I paired this layered look with burgundy skinny jeans to add a pop of color. I wore brown booties with a heel to bring out the gold vest more. To tie everything together, I decided to incorporate a ruby red backpack.

Get My Look: 1. Puffer vest. 2. Oversized sweater. 3. Button-up collared shirt.