STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter White Isn't a Faux Pas

STYLE GURU STYLE: Winter White Isn't a Faux Pas

Who said you can’t wear white after Labor Day? I don’t like to let the seasons dictate what I can wear. Yes, you probably shouldn’t wear flip flops with snow on the ground, but why not try to make your clothes work year-round?

Since the weather has decided to give us all four seasons in a week, the line deciding what’s appropriate for the season seems to be blurred. The bone chilling cold and gloomy clouds don’t have to have you dressing in all black (although, I’m a fan of this color scheme). I’m not saying to go out in your summer linen pants and lace dresses, but adding winter textures and colors can make any white look ready for the snow.

Faux fur has been labeled a huge trend of 2016 and will carry over into 2017, especially to stay warm this winter. I paired this furry camel statement jacket with the basics, so it looks effortless and casual no matter the season. There’s something about being surrounded by fur that makes you feel like a million bucks. This jacket hangs like a sweater rather than a fitted coat, which gives me the ability to dress it up or down. Pairing my head-to-toe white outfit with neutrals like black, navy or grey adds a fresh take without making it look summery. The key to this look is simplicity.

Designer T-shirts will continue to be wardrobe staple for the new year, but a college girl ballin’ on a budget may not have $200 to spend. My love for T-shirts and designers led me to Tradesy, a website to buy and sell discounted designer fashion—perfect for any Fashionista. I styled my Carrie Bradshaw inspired graphic T-shirt with white denim , a twist on a classic combo. A great way to break up a “vanilla” look is to pair it with textures like fur and an edgy black shoe. Celebrity approved, I styled my jacket off the shoulder to add some drama and make it Instagram worthy. Lastly, to accessorize, I added my classic cocktail ring trademark and a stain remover pen in my back pocket (that last accessory may be just for me).

All white doesn’t have to be a daunting trend, brighten up your street style this winter! Stay warm Fashionistas.