STYLE GURU STYLE: Window-Painless

As they say in fashion: what goes around comes around…or wait, was that Justin Timberlake? Either way, every Fashionista knows that trends come and go, and often come back again; so when you’ve invested in a trendy item, it’s sometimes a good idea to stash it in your closet for the next go around. When browsing the latest trends and runways, I came across this particular look from Dior’s Tokyo runway: windowpane prints. Isn’t that just plaid? Either way I was ready to jump on the trend bus and ride it all the way to the back of my closet. There, I had the perfect plaid peacoat ready to keep me warm once again. Maybe it was the thrill of knowing I was on top of the trend game, or maybe it was the five dollar bill I found in the jacket pocket, either way this runway inspired look was just what I needed going into the new semester.

Combining my bold jacket with equally as bold boots created a revamped look that’s chic for any campus. I mean, no one can question your chicness when Dior inspired your outfit. To add my own personal touch to the ensemble, I added the light pink ribbon to my hair. I’d like to think that was my inner Blair Waldorf expressing herself. Overall, I feel that this is an adorable and girly look that any Fashionista can create with some new purchases and old favorites.

Sometimes just knowing that a famous designer produced something similar is the push you need to dig around your closet and revamp an old, beloved piece. This trend is not only great for creating the perfect winter look, but can be put together without breaking the bank; after all, shopping in your own closet is 100 percent free. Nothing is more painless than free, so come this semester you can catch me rocking this window-painless look 24/7.

Get My Look: 1. A windowpane print coat. 2. Blue boots. 3. A hair accessory.