I have to admit that I am guilty of something. I’m that person who deliberately wears white the day after Labor Day. Heck, I gravitate toward white all year round and for any occasion, whether it’s pouring out, a night out with the girls or time for an interview. If you’ve seen me around campus, you know white blazers hit my weak spot, as I sport them too much. For me, there’s nothing more fashion-forward than white garments. I simply adore how the sharp color stands out in gloomy weather and how an all-white ensemble instantly appears timeless. Much like Akris’ spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, I’ve found that white is the perfect color to wear from head to toe.

The best thing about this collection is the coupling of comfortable and dressy pieces. In one look, you’ll see a tailored suit paired with tennis shoes. In the next, you’ll find a slip dress with a sheer jumper on top. This hones in on the idea that comfort is never separate from fashion. They can go seamlessly hand in hand.

To mimic Akris’ monochromatic collection with my own wardrobe, I used pieces that were bold separates and paired them together. My windowpane top is actually a dress in disguise, tucked underneath a draped and pleated skirt. As this dress is one of the softest I own, it was my comfort piece with my structured skirt was the dressy item. Don’t be fooled—my chunky earrings are also on the comfortable side, too.

I know what you’re thinking—the thought of wearing all-white all day seems daunting. Just a drop of food or makeup on your clean canvas and your clothing is ruined! But, I’d like to think differently. Wearing white reminds me to be mindful of my clothing and ensures I treat it with care. Your clothes may not have feelings, but you can surely make them live a little longer with extra attention toward them.

Get My Look: 1. A windowpane top. 2. Asymmetric skirt. 3. Mixed shape earrings.