STYLE GURU STYLE: Whoever Said “Basic” Was A Bad Thing?

Never overestimate the beauty of simplicity. In many cases, the most breathtaking ensemble comes from a pair of simple khakis, a blue blouse and Oxford shoes. This same sense of effortless beauty was the main aesthetic in the Organic by John Patrick resort 2017 collection. The collection makes refreshing modifications to the everyday classic garments. Some individuals may overlook the same white T-shirt or slip dress; however, this collection strives to rethink the vitality of these pieces altogether. With the absence of bold colors and patterns, the collection offers a refreshing breath in the often chaotic world of fashion.

After flipping through the Vogue for majority of my Saturday afternoon, I was immediately taken away by the Organic by John Patrick collection. Personally, I have always enjoyed neutral colors, airy fabrics and effortless ensembles. So, it was no surprise that I would be so attracted to a collection like this. I decided to compile an outfit with minimal color and basic patterns much like the collection possessed. I also wanted to layer my pieces in order to acquire both a form-fitting and flowy look.

My outfit revolves around very little color, simple patterns and airy movement. I wanted a lot of the attention to be on the textures of my fabric and movement. I chose a nude-colored romper with thin horizontal stripping as my base. I then complimented that with a light sleeveless cardigan in order to give the outfit some movement. I chose a pair of suede heels and basic jewelry to complete my look.

Get My Look: 1. A form-fitting romper. 2. Breathable cardigan. 3. Funky choker necklace. 4. Tan heels.