STYLE GURU STYLE: When Minimal is Maximized

Nobody can argue that the hottest trend this year is minimalism. Minimalism consists of simple clothing, color and style which means zero pattern or very little pattern. I personally love this trend because I have always loved the idea of simple outfits. I do not like when the patterns on the clothing are too busy. I think that anyone can easily pull off this look!

Even though this trend is rapidly gaining popularity, I have not seen a lot of people in the U.S. embrace it as much as what I have seen in Thailand. I think it is good that there is a fine line between being on trend and being yourself. I mean, what is more boring than seeing people dressing in the same outfits everywhere you go? There are certain trends that I do not like and even though I want to always be stylish, I do not think that following every fashion trend is really the correct way of doing it. Because if I wear something that I do not like or I does not look good on me, my confidence is gone.

My outfit is inspired by Tamuna Ingorokva’s Tbilisi spring 2016 collection. This collection focuses on minimalism. Every look is extremely simple yet extremely beautiful. Nude, white, gray and black are the only four colors in this collection. There is no crazy pattern or style. It entirely focuses on the simplicity of clothing. I am wearing black high-waisted dress pants with a brown long sleeve top with black lace. Everyone knows that nude heels go with everything so I choose them for shoes. Finally, I carry my favorite cross-body bag that can be worn either across your body or on one shoulder and add a flower crown to finish off the look.

Get My Look: 1. Long sleeve top with black lace. 2. Nude heels. 3. Black high-waisted dress pants.