STYLE GURU STYLE: Western Romance

The ever-growing new romantics trend completely stole my heart during the spring 2016 runway season. Delicate florals, ethereal dresses and eye-pleasing necklines from brands like Alexander McQueen cascaded down the runways simultaneously transporting us back to the time of Jane Austen. My favorite part of the trend is lace because it is one of the most versatile fabrics around. Another spring collection to fuel my inspiration was the strong denim game of off-white, yet another fabric that goes with, let’s face it—everything.

I decided to marry the two, both lace and denim, into an easy yet stylish summer look. But, like I said, this is summer we’re talking about—It’s hot with a capital H. So I thought it would be cool to add a southwestern-style twist to the fresh romantic trend. Taking inspiration from street style, I added a classic red bandanna (knocking out not just the scarf trend, but the choker trend, too) and a light suede jacket for texture. I am always looking for a way to wear heirloom pieces—Ones that have been handed down from family members. In this look, I am wearing a beautifully aged and worn bandanna once belonging to my great-grandfather. It is honestly one of my most cherished pieces in my wardrobe. Much of my jewelry in this outfit is also handed down. The two gold bracelets were given to me by my grandmother, my favorite being the charm bracelet repping her high school which was also my high school. I absolutely adore it.

Get My Look: 1. A red bandana. 2. White lace top. 3. Suede jacket. 4. Denim shorts. 5. White sneakers.