STYLE GURU STYLE: Warmer Tones For Cooler Days

STYLE GURU STYLE: Warmer Tones For Cooler Days

It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I had finally felt comfortable enough to define my style. The style we see around us is constantly evolving and trends come and go, but personal style is something that is set and defined. I tend to base my inspiration off of TV shows from the ’90s as well as models such as Kate Moss.

I took a bit of a style leap with my corduroy jacket by channeling my inner Jackie Burkhart from That 70’s Show. I happened to snag this Levi Brand Jeans jacket from my local Goodwill and have not taken it off since. In order to incorporate my self-proclaimed ’90s style I decided to add layered chokers. Altogether, my outfit is unique to my style and also incorporates elements that are out of my regular style book.

The key to defining your fall outfit is finding the perfect jacket. The possibilities are endless this season with different styles such as corduroy, jean, leather, suede or velvet. My style consists of an overwhelming amount of black, so incorporating a tan jacket adds a pop to those dark outfits. The contrast of black and tan articles of clothing are the perfect pair for the cooler months.

Chokers are the accessory of the season and wearing more than one is double the fun! The chokers that I am wearing were a little DIY project that turned out to be a hobby of mine. A good amount of my style is DIY as I like to get creative with my looks and refuse to spend money on simple things I can make. I used extra fabric from a T-shirt in order to create the black choker and a broken necklace to create the chain choker. Any Fashionista can save a little money if they get creative with extra materials lying around their room!

This season, go out of your comfort zone and define your style with a new jacket, accessories or a new color palate. Once you start to define your style you’ll be more aware of trends you want to pick up on and hold onto.