STYLE GURU STYLE: Walking On Sunshine

It’s now October and the days of warmth are starting to dwindle. I look at every ounce of sunshine as a moment to come to peace with how, as Jon Snow says, “winter is coming.” Any Game of Thrones fans here? Yes? Good. Anyways, on this particular day, the sun was shining, I’d just smashed an exam that I’d studied hours for and I was ready to enjoy the warmth and beauty of Ann Arbor’s campus. Life was—and still is—good. My look was inspired  by Ida Sjöstedt’s Stockholm spring 2016 collection. I love how the flowery patterns and swooped neck lines combine to create a look that radiates optimism and a laid-back, yet classic, attitude.

In this outfit, I adapted one that I’d typically wear during the summer into a comfortable and chic fall outfit with the simple and affordable addition of brown boots, black tights and a navy blue jacket that matched with the blue in my dress. Confidently walking around Ann Arbor in this outfit almost made me forget my 8:00 a.m. class; any outfit you have that holds that magic power is something I would always encourage you to wear.

As winter nears and before we all make the wonderful transition to oversized sweaters and thicker, dreamily soft materials, we should try to embrace the remaining warmth of the season and give our “warmer” clothes a last hurrah for those days when you’re walking on sunshine. It’s important to always make sure you’re making the best of each day that you go through, especially while we’re in college. I think that applies to making the most of our fashion choices as well.

So, when you’re walking on sunshine—and even when you’re not—dress like you are and let the positive vibes from your fashion choices mesh into your day.

Get My Look: 1. A dress that makes you feel great. 2. Tights that keep you warm (and awesome). 3. Shoes that are on point.