STYLE GURU STYLE: Waiting For Fall

STYLE GURU STYLE: Waiting For Fall

Although it maybe considered ‘fall’ after a certain date, but here at the University of South Carolina, the hot weather tries to continue sticking around after it over stays its welcome. There is no evidence of the approaching season other than the occasional breeze within the passing storms.

With the need for fall weather to support my fall fashion obsession, I sadly have founded that one does not always have to wear knee high boats with sweater dresses all the time. Fall fashion is trying incorporate fall-like colors into different outfits to accommodate the weather.

Being at the University of South Carolina, we bleed garnet and black so it is always a necessity to have items closely related to said colors. I found this top on clearance and I thought was quite a deal! Although the top was more purplish than red, I felt like I was representing my school’s pride. The color detailing on the top was unique and reminded me of an Aztec pattern. The colors included orange, coral, turquoise and white which became the main focus of the outfit. The top was frayed at the bottom to give it more of a edgy look.

I added green khaki shorts that I wear with almost everything. I love the color combination as it makes me look somewhat tan. Due to my need for fall, I added an oversized cardigan to make the outfit look more casual and feel more comfortable. All I want is for the leaves to change color and the air to get cold!

As always, I threw on my very trusted Converse All-Stars because they are comfortable and they add a bit of flair.  Waiting for the seasons to change will be tiresome but we can always pretend that the leaves are falling by sipping some hot chocolate and wear stockings and sweaters meant for 60 degrees. It is always better to prepare for the upcoming season by dressing for the much needed weather change.