If you look closely at Saint Laurent’s fall 2015 menswear collection, you’ll soon realize that the word “menswear” becomes nearly irrelevant. Almost every male model’s outfit looks like it can be worn by both sexes. This designer makes a bold statement by doing the opposite of what most people would think. The female models are mostly wearing boxy and loose dresses, while the male models are wearing ensembles that seem to be a bit tighter and skin hugging. Though it may be a men’s line, I think that the collection was tailored for everyone—a lesson to the world.

I know I’m definitely gonna start whipping out the boyfriend jeans more often. Although I have favorite crop tops and skinny jeans that hug my body, I also love wearing my box-cut T-shirts, boyfriend jeans and leather booties. I mean honestly guys, it’s the 21st century; women shouldn’t be expected to wear skin tight dresses, and men shouldn’t be subject to slandering if they decide to wear fitted jeans. If anyone’s got anything to say about my “masculine” look, joke’s on you because I feel so comfortable.

If there’s anyone who’s super inspired by this gender-neutral collection, it must be me. I’ve instantly translated the runway looks into something that I could wear (and afford). Magically, the collection couldn’t have come out at a better time because it is actually freezing out. I’ve based my look around the edgy black winter coat and turtleneck. Similarly, I styled my look with a black peacoat and thick gray turtleneck sweater. I tried to continue the sleek look by choosing skinny jeans and my favorite black clog boots.

And there you have it folks, a life lesson and my attempt at wearing a turtleneck without looking like Mr. Rogers.

Get My Look: 1. Long peacoat. 2. Turtleneck sweater. 3. Tall black boots.