STYLE GURU STYLE: Undomesticated Sophistication

November 30th, 2015 at 2:06am

Before my years as a student at The Fashion School at Kent State University, colors pertaining to a certain season were never really my forte. If I wanted to wear a shirt with a floral pattern on it in mid-November, I would. As I’m entering my last half of senior year, I have finally seen the light. After countless hours learning specific color palettes, fabrics and silhouettes, I have finally seen what is deemed “appropriate” in the fashion world. Fall is about monochromatic with a hint of neutral and Calvin Klein’s pre-fall 2015 collection presents just that.

What initially drew me to this collection was the texture each look showed. One ensemble would hold a texture knit, while another model would be donning a mix of leather from a motorcycle jacket and even incorporating suede into the mix. Another aspect that drew me in was how this collection gave me the perfect feel of what a woman would wear in New York (New York, I miss you). Its sophistication and rawness gave off a tough girl feel that I wanted to portray. I dug into my closet to see what I could come up with.

The focal point of my look was my dark ivory knit sweater. The sweater is perfect to convey the texture of this collection as well as keeping me cozy and warm during my morning commute. To play more into designer Francisco Costa’s vision, I sported my black and navy motorcycle jacket. I feel like a complete rebel in this jacket and it adds a little edge. Of course, you can never go wrong with black skinny jeans, which helped my sweater stand out more. Closing this look, I grabbed a pair of blue ankle boots with a silver grommet detail around the edge of the boots.

Although this collection is seemingly more undomesticated, this collection is simple enough to tone down and has the desirable color palette for the upcoming winter. It is also ideal for any upcoming occasion during the holiday season.

Get My Look: 1. A textured knit sweater. 2. Motorcycle jacket. 3. A pair of ankle boots.