STYLE GURU STYLE: Tunics And Timbs

On campuses everywhere, the fall is an amazing time every year for fashion. People definitely get to take more chances with their outfits since it’s still warm, but there’s definitely a mixture of fall style amidst it all. If there’s one thing I have been obsessed with seeing, it’s a great tunic top. Multiple lengths, multiple different stylings and each one I’ve seen has been better than the last.

Taking inspiration from Chloé’s pre-fall 2015 collection, I decided to combine both trendy styles and common Illinois looks that have been around for ages. I stayed within the color palate, using a fall-gray color for my tunic top. Letting this top play with my silhouette, I decided to pair it with olive green, high-waisted jeans. I did this instead of wearing it as a belted dress, like the tunic top seen on the Chloé runway, as it is definitely a lot more chilly than usual. This top is extremely versatile in anyone’s closet and can go from a belted, more dressed up look to a more casual look, like the one I decided to rock for campus.

In order to top this look off, I decided to use Wheat Timberlands, a staple city-classic, which made this look a lot more casual and city-inspired. I also decided to use gold earrings and rings, as olive-green tends to pair a lot better with gold on outfits. I did this instead of throwing on a necklace to allow the tunic top to work as a statement piece and allow the jewelry to be it’s own entity.

Get My Look: 1. Any tunic top of a length that you like. 2. High-waisted jeans. 3. Short boots like Timberlands.