STYLE GURU STYLE: Tropical Spice

I know what you’re thinking, tropical prints, for summer? How groundbreaking. Take a look at MSGM‘s summer 2015 collection. Palms and florals are the focal to his wild and wacky line. The flair of this collection definitely embodies the look of a once tacky tourist whom well refined their style. Hey, let’s embrace it, I’m definitely ready.

At long last, summer has arrived in the Twin Cities! This new and exhilarating change in the atmosphere is the perfect time to whip out the loud print Hawaiian garments buried in your closet. Tropicana prints scream summer, however can be easily avoided due to their loud flair. Don’t be discouraged to wear an over the top print, it can be a breeze to work into a full ensemble. I find it easiest to match statement prints with a solid colored palette (usually black or white). However, if you are feeling especially daring, tropical prints can look phenomenal when paired in matching two piece sets.

While you are embracing the Hawaiian tropicana prints, why not go all-out and channel your inner tourist by accessorizing your outfit with a sock and sandal combo. Socks and sandals are an ever-growing trend that can give a certain flair and edge to any look; they give a masculine edge to feminine summer prints. If the socks and sandals are too much of an “ugly pretty” for you, try pairing some ankle socks with a cute pair of heels (like I’ve done in my outfit).

Get My Look: 1. A nice floral or tropical print top or dress. 2. A pair of skinny jeans or a skirt. 3. Socks and sandals.