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D.C.’s weather has been beyond bipolar. One day it is 73 degrees and sunny, and the next it’s 40 degrees and windy. Knowing this, I had to learn real quick how to adapt to the ever-changing conditions. This outfit is an effortless and transformable, making it a look that can really go a long way. I added the jacket for those colder days, but it can be taken off for the days with more sun.

Bomber jackets have become a staple item in everyone’s closet. They keep you warm while remaining stylish, something that not all jackets can do. This one is pink and adds a pop of color to the whole look. It also compliments the marble boots perfectly.

This all black ensemble is the perfect match for the boots because with color, there would be too much color and pattern going on. The ripped jeans and Dr. Marten’s add texture to the look while still keeping it simple.

Now to my favorite part of the look: the boots! These Dr. Marten’s are so unique and unlike anything I have seen before, which is the main reason I chose to feature this outfit. The modern marble pattern is something that is such a trend, not much in clothes, but in stationary items such as laptop cases and kitchenware. What a bold move to bring it into the fashion industry, and I am in love! This is definitely something that we have to keep a watch on, as it is a trend we will be seeing in the future.