I finally got moved into my house in Kent this past week, and I couldn’t be more excited for the fall semester to start! I was browsing the various runway shows on for school outfit inspiration and came across a designer who just spoke to me. I fell in love with Alexander Lewis’s fall 2015 line with his designs being exactly my style and resembling garments I wear daily.

A lot of Lewis’s looks incorporated trench coats, and I immediately went to my closet to grab a coat I recently purchased. It resembled the trench coats in this runway show and worked perfectly for creating an Alexander Lewis-inspired look! A lot of his runway looks paired the coat with either a dress or short/skirt and top set. When recreating the look, I decided to pair a skirt and a top together.

The skirt I am wearing in this look is a nude lined pencil skirt with black lace overlay. I chose to pair it with a solid black long sleeve top. The basic top would work great for the beginning of the semester being that it is made of a lightweight fabric and has a looser fit. You won’t be showing any sweat marks or feeling the fabric stick to your body, although by the time it is cool enough outside to wear a coat, I would hope you wouldn’t be sweating! By pairing these two together, the solid top really brings out the lace detailing in the skirt, rather than pairing it with a colored top that would take the focus away from the skirt.

The models in this runway show did not accessorize and let the coat speak for itself, which was the direction I chose to go with. I feel that adding accessories would take away from the coat being the special element in the look. However, accessorizing would still look great with this look and is totally up to you what you do with it! Lewis used heavier fabrics when designing his coats, however, my coat is much lighter and would work great for the beginning of the semester and the fall season! The lapels of this coat are big and bold, giving it detail without adding other elements to it. To top off the look, I chose a black booty with a chunky heel, making it much easier to walk to class than normal heels and keeping your feet from aching by the end of the day.

Get My Look: 1. A trench coat. 2. A bold dress or skirt. 3. Chunky heel booties.