STYLE GURU STYLE: Tori Wittebort

Hello all you wonderful Fashionistas/os! My name is Tori Wittebort! I am currently a marketing major at the University of Central Florida.

Since I was a little girl, fashion and beauty have always been something I was always interested in. Although it was not until more recently when I decided that fashion and beauty was something that I was extremely passionate about. Throughout the past several years I took my fashion sense to heart. No matter the occasion, whether I am having a night out with friends, going to a concert or even the grocery store, I always make an effort to express myself through my choices in clothing. I am that one friend that everyone comes to when they are in dire need of fashion advice, but hey, I am not complaining.

Being born and raised in the beautiful sunny state of Florida, it sometimes can be a struggle to create an ensemble that is going to suit the weather conditions. Instead of rocking a pea coat and knee high boots in the winter, it’s more of the oversized sweaters and leggings type of winter. But come spring and summer time is the true test of “What can I wear and not sweat to death in?” In all, spring and summer fashion is my absolute favorite; like who doesn’t love a good floral print?

Personally, one of my favorite pieces to wear during the spring/summer months are rompers. Rompers are super easy to wear, you can dress them down with a simple hat and cute sunglasses or even dress them up with your favorite wedges for a bunch date. Recently, I have been loving to accessorize by switching up my phone case. One of my favorite companies is Wildflower Cases. They are a go-to when I want to spice up my outfit a little without going too crazy.

I tend to find myself wearing more weather appropriate clothing since the heat can get the best of me sometimes. But, also, I love getting out of my comfort zone and trying new pieces I never thought I would. That is the one thing that I love so much about fashion; no matter what, you can wake up every single day and try a different style. Fashion is almost like a judge-free zone; if one day you want to style some leather leggings and then the next, you want to wear a floral dress, you can do it. Expressing yourself through your clothing is such a beautiful opportunity that I feel most people just look over.

With that, I cannot wait to take part of this amazing opportunity to be a Style Guru and hopefully inspire others to try something new too!