March 15th, 2017 at 2:00am

With different weather patterns and busy schedules it can be hard to really work on your style and get the look you want. Everyone has their own look or looks they want to achieve. Most use Pinterest or other sites where we can interact with others, create ideas, and buy online. This is a very time consuming process, and you can get caught browsing the web for hours.

To me, creating a style is fun and is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. I definitely have a mixture of styles, and what outfits I am comfortable in can change on the daily. It is interesting to see all the different styles on campus. You always want to show off your style no matter where you go, because your style reflects part of your personality and how you express yourself.

The outfit I am wearing is a comfortable, casual, and stylish look to wear as an everyday outfit. I was wearing this just to walk around Over The Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio with some friends in the afternoon. The sweater and jeans went well together for a casual look. My accessories added some pop to the outfit, just to give it a little extra touch. Hats are definitely a must. They really complement any outfit, in my opinion. The gold necklace I am wearing is one of my favorites in my closet, and it really fills out the shirt with the different layers hanging down. You could do a lot with this outfit to dress it up or down. I could throw on a jean skirt, tights, and boots and be ready to go for another whole look.

Now, while selecting and figuring out your style, it is okay to take time to experiment. I have for sure tried to rock some styles and failed or felt uncomfortable. It is all about what you like and what you are comfortable wearing.