STYLE GURU STYLE: Throwback is Trending

Attention Fashionistas/os! Some may say leave the past in the past, but in fashion let’s be honest—old trends are making a comeback. High-waisted jeans, rompers and jumpsuits are just a few styles that are back and trending more than ever. For this Style Guru, I absolutely adore unique outfits where I can tie past trends into a new fashionable style. Every now in then us fashion-goers need a little inspirations. is a must when looking for some unique and chic inspo. The upcoming Resort 2017 runway show has some amazing new styles but my favorite is designed by Francesco Scognamiglio. The first look of his resort 2017 style is incredible. Just as I did in my personal outfit, he used floral design to be the pop of the outfit. No accessories needed when he created such an eye-catching design. 

On a hot summer day, it’s nice to have a cute, light outfit and a floppy hat to keep the sun out of your face. When I saw this floral jumpsuit I immediately fell in love. This one piece in itself is already an entire outfit—simple and adorable. When it comes to floral patterns I usually am not a fan, but just as Francesco Scognamiglio did in his piece using different shades of pinks on the flowers and white as his primary color really makes the outfit pop. Having the flower print large and spaced out throughout the jumpsuit complements the body very well. This hat is an accessory that can benefit your outfit but you don’t need it for the outfit to be complete. The pant on this outfit is a flare style that hugs the top of your legs and flares down the leg. Oh—and have you seen the back? It has the cutest button-down top with a mid-back cutout. When I wear a very patterned outfit, I like to keep the accessories clean and simple. In my outfit of choice, I wore only diamond earrings that did not take away from my outfit and added a little sparkle. Designer Scognamiglio used a black sandal to complete his runway look. Adding in my own personal touch I chose simple black strap wedges. When it comes to jumpsuits, wearing a wedge or heel helps elongate your body and dresses the outfit up for it to be much more versatile.

My style varies from day to day. I go from bright colors and floral to all black and denim. No matter what style of outfit I wear, I make it a priority to match my makeup with my outfit. Sounds kind of weird, but what I mean when I say match my makeup is if I’m wearing a fun girly outfit I will blend three to four browns and pinks with a thin top liner to highlight my hazel eyes and accent my outfit. Now with more grunge and chic outfits I will chose a darker set of colors to do a smoky eye and thicker liner with a wing. When finally deciding my outfit of choice, I always make sure to contour and highlight bringing the entire picture together. No matter what your style is dress to impress and have fashion bring a little flare into your life.

Get My Look: 1. Floral jumpsuit.2. Floppy hat. 3. Black strap wedges.