STYLE GURU STYLE: Three Ingredients for Your Fall Attire

STYLE GURU STYLE: Three Ingredients for Your Fall Attire

When it comes to fashion there is no time wasted. If the temperature drops down five degrees you already know I’m taking advantage of the glimpse of hope I have for fall weather in Florida. I feel like my opinion will be heavily supported when I preach that fall is hands down the best season to come across.

Although us Floridians don’t fully experience this gift of weather until November there is always that one person dressing for it, which happens to be me. I’m that girl strutting down the sidewalk in my boots and sweatshirt in the 80-degree weather because it’s “fall” in Florida. Well, my dreams were profusely sweating when it hit 12:00 in the afternoon and I knew it was time to let go. A couple days after my dreams were crushed, a miracle happened. It was finally 60 degrees and my jackets were basically screaming at me to be brought out from underneath my bed. It’s truly funny, the breezy beautiful air just seems to make your wardrobe feel 10 times more approachable then in the summer. I have three words for you: jackets, layering and boots. Those three words make up my everyday fall attire regardless of where I’m headed.

So, when it finally got down to a comfortable breeze I decided, alright it’s time. Since I’m a sucker for the skinny-oversized look I thought it was an appropriate time to share with the world how my visions are. The skinny-oversized look follows a certain recipe: two skinny elements and one oversized element (which is usually a jacket). This ensemble holds such a unique contrast that makes the eye drawn in even more.

First, I put together my skinny ripped black jeans with my halter tie-back top whose pattern I am forever obsessed with. Then I slipped on my Chelsea boots that provided the outfit with a sleek, more “going-out” feel. To complement the black boots, I was scurrying to find that perfect choker but then stumbled across a boot chain and decided to explore the DIY side of myself. It took a couple of takes and wrap arounds to figure out how to get this boot chain to come across as a choker, but I was successful and will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for more boot accessories. To finish off this look I added my oversized army jacket which is my go-to when I want to add a lighter texture to the outfit.

Fall is all about experimenting with patterns and layering because it’s the most comfortable weather to do so! So get your boots on, find that jacket and let’s get fall rolling!