STYLE GURU STYLE: Three Cheers For Red, White and Black

Perhaps it was my bias that made me so inclined to inspire my look today after Proenza Schouler’s spring/summer 2016 collection. After interning with the company for three months over the summer, it was only natural that I watched their Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week presentation live and studied each and every look that graced itself down the runway. Over the summer, I had the amazing opprotunity to be hands on with Proenza’s fall/winter 2015 collection as well as other past collections. However, their new spring/summer 2016 collection was kept secret during the duration of my internship. With that being said, I couldn’t have been more happy and surprised to see such exotic looks during their latest collection presentation. Colors mostly red, white and black, feathers and more—how could one complain? Especially if you’re like me and are obsessed with these color combinations.

Easy for me, I am often seen sporting the colors of black and white, either independently or together. Most often, I love to add a pop of color such as a classy red to dress up my look or polish it off. As shown in Proenza Schouler’s collection on Vogue‘s Runway (nice knowing you, almost every single look consists of either white and/or black with a few sporadic red silhouette throughout. Therefore, my look today is inspired by the designers’ color scheme. First, one of my new and most favorite fall pieces this season is my black, long sleeved sweater dress by A.P.C. In general, this piece in addition to the brand as a whole has become one of my current obsessions; a brand that coincides with my minimalistic style is a true friend of mine, really. To break up the all-black silhouette, I tied a black and white flannel from Madewell around my waist for accessory purposes. Doing so not only provides an easy fix to colder fall weather, but also adds some color and pattern to any monochromatic look.

Of course, how would this look be Proenza-inspired if it didn’t incorporate some red? To add some fun and a pop of color, I finished my look off with one of my favorite MAC lipsticks, “Ladybug.” Whoever said that you can’t wear *this* powerful of a lipstick everyday was clearly missing out. This look all together is completely wearable for any everyday occasion; it incorporates all of the fall staples and hey, is completely inspired by an amazing NYFW show. Congrats, Proenza Schouler!

Get My Look: 1. The perfect versatile sweater dress 2. A flannel, especially for “Flannel Fridays” 3. Your favorite red lipstick.