STYLE GURU STYLE: Three Cheers for Chokers!

May 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

It can be very intimidating going to a school that is always on the cutting-edge of fashion trends. Quickly, every student finds their own sense of style and gains inspiration from current trends on the runway.

The fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection by Lanvin showed many pastel colors contrasted with black, white and metallic finishes.  The thing that stood out most about this collection was that every model rocked a choker made of different materials.  Whether it be comprised of stones, beads or fabric, this accessory completed the outfit.  Also, the necklaces made the entire collection cohesive.

The necklace in the picture is from Urban Outfitters, but you can easily create your own with ribbon from a craft store. By adding this tiny accessory, it can elevate the entire outfit. Over the past year, Fashionistas have been finding their inspiration from the ’90s and it will definitely roll over onto the next season. Additionally, the jean jacket is great because it can basically match with anything in your closet.  All of the looks from the fashion show lay on the models without being constrictive, so a relaxed silhouette will be seen throughout the upcoming months.  An oversized jean jacket can add an element of androgyny that make this look modern.

Also, many New Yorkers have been wearing culottes around the city. Culottes are a perfect way for consumers to interpret haute couture designs. These pants are chic and also very practical for everyday tasks. Many of the designs included metallic and silver fabric, so the Chanel flats with the metallic toe add a contrasting element to the outfit.

Overall,  this collection is one of my favorites this season and I can see consumers and peers adapting these looks in their own personal way. My current look can achieve the androgynous, yet soft theme from the Lanvin show.

Get My Look: 1. Necklace. 2. Jacket. 3. Culottes.