STYLE GURU STYLE: (Thigh) High, There!

There is plenty to look forward to once the fall begins, though I find myself adjusting the least seamlessly to fall fashion. I love dressing up and often find it difficult to create cute ensembles whilst staying warm on chillier days!

Upon seeing Nicolas Ghesquière’s first collection for Louis Vuitton, I decided to deviate from the stringent regulation ingrained in me of making sure my skirt was at least level with my fingertips when my hands lay at my side (you can take the girl out of Catholic school, but you can’t take Catholic school out of the girl!). Nicolas Ghesquière’s line is full of short skirts, long legs and women who aren’t afraid to show off either. Consider me inspired!

I am a lover of all things high-waisted, as I feel it is a style that truly flatters everyone. This mini skirt is no exception: it’s cute, it’s comfortable and it’s one of ELLE Magazine’s “Must-Have Colors for Fall.” A lot of the models in the Ghesquière collection mirrored their short skirts with short booties, a look I took notes from and emulated, while adding a pair of black thigh-highs. The thigh-high socks definitely complement the outfit by still calling attention to the length of the skirt and showing off a bit of leg—something that pairing the outfit with a pair of stockings or leggings could never do.

Finally, I (literally) topped the ensemble off with a shirt with a jeweled neck-line and an embroidered pattern. It was embellishment enough that no necklace was required.

I’m excited to have found a line that celebrates feminine clothing that is still wearable in the colder months of the year and hope this inspires someone to, when it comes to short skirts, throw caution to the wind…but make sure the hem doesn’t get thrown with it!

Get My Look: 1. A short, flowy skirt. 2. A Leather jacket. 3. Thigh high socks.